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Our investment plans
A number of investment plans were developed, which can satisfy the needs of both small and large investors
daily for 11 days
- Minimum: $10
- Maximum: $5000
- Total roi: 121%
daily for 30 days
- Minimum: $10
- Maximum: $24
- Total roi: 211%
daily for 30 days
- Minimum: $25
- Maximum: $49
- Total roi: 214%
daily for 30 days
- Minimum: $50
- Maximum: $99
- Total roi: 217%
daily for 30 days
- Minimum: $100
- Maximum: $5000
- Total roi: 220%


Our plans investment!
Plans daily for 30 days+deposit back:
.3.7% Daily +$5 for 30 days = 211% = $10.55,
.3.8% Daily +$25 for 30 days = 214% = $53.50,
.3.9% Daily +$50 for 30 days = 217% = $108.50,
.4% Daily +$75 for 30 days = 220% = $165.
Plan daily for 20 days:
.8% Daily +$100 for 25 days = 200% = $200.
Look here this investment page: https://pay-forever.com/index.php?a=invest_page
Pay-ForEver.com/Grow your capital!
Activating new security methods in Pay-ForEver.com!
Hello dear members today we decided to activate new security methods to ensure greater security in our transacted funds:
1. All our withdrawals from now are done manually until 24 hours because it is only advisable to work with instant payments in only being dedicated servers
2.Activation of the security code to make the withdrawals, this appears in all the accounts a note in the dashboard to define your security code and will have to load on top of the words "Click here" with gray color, we recommend that you write your code on a block notes or notebook
3.Activation of turing verification in Login, Signup, Edit Account and Support with 3 characters with only numbers show in the validation image, always enter in your account by the link https://pay-forever.com/index.php?a= login and not by the "member login" option on top of the header image
4. Other safety recommendations on your computer/tablet/mobile phone:
. Purchase or update a full version anti-virus against hackers like this: https://www.kaspersky.com/total-security
. Clear your browser once a month in the settings/history/clear browsing data option.
. Change your account password once a month with strong numbers and letters with this site: https://passwordsgenerator.net and do not use it on other sites
We would also like everyone to put their proofs of payment whenever possible in our social networks and forums that are here on this page: https://pay-forever.com/?a=cust&page=rate_us, speak or write of we to yours friends and family because we are here to make a difference for the positive
Best regards!
Pay-ForEver.com/Grow your capital!
New investment plan at Pay-ForEver.com!
Hello dear members today we decided to change the 2 group of the investment plan to 8% daily for 25 days = 200% after requesting some investors in our social networks to include the deposit in the daily payments, this investment plan is from + $100 to $5000, for example by investing $100, you will earn $8 daily from Monday to Sunday accumulating a total of $200 after 20 days and $100 of profit + referral commission
We ask all monitors/promoters to change the description of our 2 investment plan in your sites, and place the payment proofs on forums and social networks whenever possible, as you can see here: https://pay-forever.com/index.php?a=cust&page=rate_us
Follow the latest news from our company here: https://pay-forever.com/index.php?a=news
Pay-ForEver.com/Grow your capital!
Our rate us and where we are at Pay-ForEver.com!
Link our page rate us: https://pay-forever.com/index.php?a=cust&page=rate_us
In Monitors:
In Forums:
In Social Networks:
And in many more places online briefly because we want to be in the front rankings to be very popular
Currently we already have more than 50 companies of monitors, blogs and social network promoters working for us, we will also add a page of representatives soon
Pay-ForEver.com/Grow your capital!
Great news in Pay-ForEver.com!
Who is Pay-ForEver.com?
PayForEver.com is your confidence in the future and the stable income in any economic situation. Warranty of successful activity of PayForEver.com is based on an innovative strategy which almost impossible any losses or drawdowns of the capitals.
Structurally all working capital of our company can be differentiated conditionally in several main sectors. The most extensive sector of the capital which is intended only for work with binary options, and this sector is allocated for receiving profit. Its volume makes 80% of the general working capital. The following role in size, but not by importance, sector is to serve as a damper between conditional sag and possible real fluctuations of the market. Its volume makes 15% of the general working capital. The third largest sector, whose mission is to be stabilized in cases of tactical distortions for separately taken option, takes 5% of the general working capital of the company.
PayForEver.com is a result of the modern approach to trading and implementation of the Forex trading stock exchange of binary options with the highest likeliness of success of the making deals and excellently selected and trained team of skilled and professionally educated specialists. And therefore we are always in vanguard of the successful companies, we always resulting in success you.
Our summary history and our future goals!
Our first online investment company was payingforever.com which began on June 15, 2016 as you can see more details here at http://www.allhyipmonitors.com/details/payingforever.com and on the monitor http://www.invest-tracing.com/details-1527.html, we then made some high profit companies total return of up to 150% per month as the last http://www.allhyipmonitors.com/details/rankinvest.top we paid for more than 8 months as you can see here on the monitor http://monhyip.net/hyip/rankinvest, and now we create this pay-forever.com with total return profits of up to 120% (+/- 50% less profit of the previous rankinvest) to guarantee our Investors greater possible uptime (forever as our name means pay-forever), greater security, greater confidence and a unique place of online investment like http://www.allhyipmonitors.com/details/solidtradebank.com or http://www.allhyipmonitors.com/details/citybuildtrade.com that works for more than 5 years and receives more than $3000 from each investor in the last weeks:
So we are strongly committed to honesty, transparency (so we are releasing this important information and always respond to all questions you ask), in serious work and we believe in an ever better future
PayForEver.com - Grow Your Capital!
How is work in Pay-ForEver.com?
The work is very easy:
1. You create your account here https://pay-forever.com/index.php?a=signup
2. Open payment processors in PerfectMoney.is or Payeer.com or CoinPayments.net
3. Click on one of your payment processors for add money through your bank account or credit card, the easiest and fastest way is Payeer.com
4. Come to our program daily to make investments or withdrawals
5. Disclose our program with your referral link to your friends and acquaintances and earn in 1 level from 1% (+$1) up 3% (+$3000) of their investments
6. Follow us our last news in https://pay-forever.com/index.php?a=news
Note: Our program is honest and long term!
Pay-ForEver.com/Grow your capital!
Our program referral comission!
Use our referral program and earn up to 3% of referral deposits!
Investments $5-$1499: 1%,
Investments $1500-$2999: 2%,
Investments $3000-$5000: 3%
Look here our first level referral bonuses: https://pay-forever.com/?a=ref_plans
Look here our top referrals 10: https://pay-forever.com/?a=refs10
Send emails for yours friends for recomend us: https://pay-forever.com/?a=tell_friend
Pay-ForEver.com/Grow your capital!
Minimum withdraw/Fees deposit and withdraw!
Minimum withdraw:
PerfectMoney: $0.50/Manual/Deposit fee: $0/Withdraw fee: $0
Payeer: $1/Manual/Deposit fee: $0/Withdraw fee: $0
Bitcoin: $10/Manual up 24 hours/Deposit fee: $0/Withdraw fee: $4.20
Litecoin: $3/Manual up 24 hours/Deposit fee: $0/Withdraw fee: $0.85
DogeCoin: $3/Manual up 24 hours/Deposit fee: $0/Withdraw fee: $0.05
Ethereum: $3/Manual up 24 hours/Deposit fee: $0/Withdraw fee: $1.10
Bitcoin Cash: $3/Manual up 24 hours/Deposit fee: $0/Withdraw fee: $1.55
Dash: $3/Manual up 24 hours/Deposit fee: $0/Withdraw fee: $0.60
Bitcoin Gold: $3/Manual up 24 hours/Deposit fee: $0/Withdraw fee: $0.05
Look here in this image: https://i.postimg.cc/26X6DX5L/Deposits-Withdraws.png
Note: Our fees for withdraw in CryptoCoins are the same as the payment processor: https://www.coinpayments.net
Pay-ForEver.com/Grow your capital!
Deposits & withdraws!
All our deposits in PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Bitcoin Gold are added automatic
All our withdrawals at PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Bitcoin Gold are processed manually within 24 hours
If for some unforeseen we do not add your deposit or withdrawal until 24 hours send us a message in the support
We will never close this program for a number of reasons, such as our best program in 2 years at the largest number of deposits and members, and we do not like people to stop believing in us because we are really honest and success builds up little by little with good deeds
Pay-ForEver.com/Grow your capital!

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